It’s funny how when we were little, we would do whatever our mothers told us not to, but back then they weren’t holding a phone while giving us such warning like millennial moms now do. Our mothers were serious about it, but we’d still do it, just for the rush.

And it became a practice, now you find yourself seeking for the unobtainable, you keep bumping into people who represent challenge and unconventional goals. The ones that every single person tells you to stay away from, not just your unmillenial mother.

But you know it, you are well aware that maybe it’s not convenient for you and that there are friendships, habits, relationships, and ideas that are not good for you or the ones who care about you, but you still want to experience them, just for the rush.

You believe it’s just a very attractive playground you can waste some time in, but you got to be careful because there are a lot of loud and careless children also playing at that playground, you may get attached to a certain swing or slide, you can fall in love with the tempting rush, you can get hurt, maybe even forget that you had another destination before you bumped into that play field to begin with.

Don’t get lost in a playground.


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