I find a strong connection between time and people, no doubt people come when they’re what we need. I truly believe that when our experiences meet, its time for us to learn from them and for them to learn from us.

The thing is, sometimes we’ve learned and taught everything we needed to, the journey ends because theres no more space to grow, we misalign and start to collide.

But we must go through the stubbornness phase; when our friendships or any kind of relationship in our life starts to constantly feel wrong, we naively decide to look the other way, we doubt and sometimes even blame ourselves. We don’t want to see that those are not relationships, but they have turned into messy habits.

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe we should fight for our people when effort and love comes back and forth, miscommunications can be easily fixed and trouble can be solved. I’m talking about fundamental issues that go against a person’s values or way of living, we all have had people in our life that wouldn’t hesitate to cross our limits and boundaries without a care in the world.

But attachments and bonds between people can feel extremely strong, because we perceive those as timeless, and as the fragile humans we are, we’ll do anything not to face what we fear the most… grief and the feeling of losing.

We find it hard to be apart of what we feel that has become a part of us, but when the moment has come, its time for a difficult teaching… to let go.

For some of us, its physically painful to release control, to open up and change the idea of what we thought it was best, but when we do it, and we learn with humbleness, compassion, and gratitude that we’ve learned, its time for a self teaching very hardcore lesson… and that is to trust ourselves.


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