Society romanticizes weaknesses and setbacks by telling us that we are supposed to relax, live the moment, worry less. The truth is sometimes we still worry after, consciously or unconsciously, we experience guilt because we feel further away from what we really want.

Only the strong understand that life should be about prioritizing the ultimate goals, those that we recognize as happiness, short and long term-wise.

We should build and stay in sustainable roads with allowances that keep us going, allowances that get us closer and not further away from our goals.

I do believe we should live every experience and curiously enjoy every second of it; eat the cake and have the break, but only when we don’t picture it as weakness… when we understand that the treats and breaks we decide to have don’t mean we are being unfaithful to our destination, to us.

Because we should not be sabotaging ourselves.

There are moments when temptation will hunt us down, weakness will strike, setbacks will happen, ‘cause we live complex lives with complex people in a complex world; but the strongest people I admire never romanticize weakness, they know and respect the importance of their dreams and act consistently to them, they stay faithful to their goals by being loyal to themselves.

Being one of those people is one of my ultimate goals.


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