They say actions speak louder than words. I’m sure that’s right, but then I also know that an action does not have the power to determine what kind of a human someone is.

That as we grow, we constantly face change and life challenges us by transforming our relationships, our environment and experiences, our perspective and the maturity with which we approach people, circumstances and things. Going through all that change, we are allowed to explore different or uncomfortable grounds, question our beliefs, act on emotions and make mistakes.

So, what we should observe in others its not only their actions, but their convictions, their ability to learn from success and failure, their creativity, their loyalty to themselves and their friends, their cleverness, their humbleness and their pride, their goals, their dreams; their methods to deal with the difficult or unpleasant parts of life, their consciousness and the size of their ego, their determination, their honesty and their transparency.

Actions speak louder than words because most of the time people’s gestures back up their beliefs, but its really what happens inside of the mind and soul of a person what backs up everything a person is and can be.


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